Your Home Based Business Does Not Set You Free

Having a home based business is a dream come true for many professionals who have tired of their careers and want to do something on their own. However, many such professionals who have had successful careers with big name organizations and have risen to senior positions fail when it comes to setting up their own home based business. It is not just such professionals, but many other entrepreneurs that have failed in their own home based ventures.While many people might attribute this to a lack of understanding of the market or improper planning or a range of other reasons, one of the biggest reasons behind home based businesses failing is the attitude of the business owner. Many-a-home based business entrepreneur has failed because once they started their business and found initial success, they started believing they are now free and the business will run itself.This is the biggest mistake that any home business owner can make. The fact could not be farther from this belief. A home based business is actually no different from any regular business or profession. Just as you need to make efforts to succeed in a traditional, office-based business, so you need to put in aggressive efforts to take your home-based business to success.Lethargy is an important aspect of staying at home. It does not matter whether you are a teenager, a middle-aged person, or someone in the sixties, no sooner than you start staying at home, your attitude towards life and work changes. Similarly, when reaching your workplace, either your own or at the organization where you are working, you are expected to get there by a fixed time. It is not unusual to have client calls waiting, deadline on reports to prepare and submit, receive or assign work, and a range of other tasks to complete.All of these keep you on your feet and running to meet targets. As a result, you are occupied and have no time for lethargy. But soon as you start your own home-based business, your attitude starts becoming one of “take it easy.” As you will be handling most tasks from your home-office, you start postponing important work under the belief that you have enough time during the day to finish it.You are not under pressure to deliver reports or assign tasks or work. You are the one setting targets and deadlines and you will be the one responsible for the final result. This will affect your overall attitude, which in turn starts turning placid. You start believing that you have much more time on hand than you actually do, and start getting involved more in leisure activities.The result of such an attitude is that your focus switches from the work at hand to other tasks. The initial belief of being free and having a lot of time slowly turns into complacency. You start postponing deadlines and leave tasks undone. All of this has a direct effect on your business. If you are providing a service, and are not able to respond to your clients’ requirements on time, it ultimately results in them moving to some other provider.If you are a manufacturer, your products will never turn up on time and there might also be serious issues with the quality. Your complacent attitude, coupled with your belief that you have the business under control and are free would lead to order cancellations and client’s leaving. Before you know or realize it, your business is headed downhill and quickly reaches a stage where you can no longer generate any revenue from it. With no other option left, you have to take the decision to shut down the business.

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