Profitable Home Based Businesses Need These Basic Components

Essential Components For Profitable Home Based BusinessesHosting – You must register a domain or multiple domains and host them as your own real estate on the internet. You do not want to use free hosting sites for your business sites. Having total control of your site is critical. This allows you to modify the site and create the content required for your market.Product – Product or service for your business. This can be your own product or service, an affiliate product, MLM product, CPA offer etc. You may possible combine product offers that compliment each other from these various programs. You will need to choose the one that best fits your business model. NOTE: If your marketing your own product you will need a shopping cart or other method to collect payment.Autoresponder – An autoresponder allows you to follow up with your customers and prospects. Keeping your customers informed about new products or updates to products is a must. You will also want to establish good relationships with your customers by providing useful and helpful information. All this can be automated using an autoresponder a must for profitable home based businesses.Fulfillment – You will need a way to fulfill orders for your products or service. This can be shipping of physical products or downloadable links for digital products and services. Included in this should be customer service and customer support. Take care of your customers and you will find repeat business from them.Traffic – All profitable home based businesses need website traffic. There are many ways to generate traffic. I can think of 25-35 traffic methods to use for your online marketing. Video marketing has become the number one method very quickly. It is one method you need to incorporate into your home based business. Pick one traffic method, make it work until your making money with it. Then move onto the next method.Copywriting – Learn and apply copywriting skills to your website, sales offers, squeeze pages (opt in page) and email marketing. Email marketing will become part of your autoresponder system. Remember your email marketing is not just offers, give free value that helps your customers. Knowing some copywriting will help build great relationships with your list.Graphics – Placing graphics, pictures, add to cart and other images on your site will become requirement. You can allow hire this out to be created, it’s more important you know how to get it on your site when needed. Keep in mind you do not need a pretty site to begin making money. Get your site up, running and making money. Then put money into making a great looking site.These are the basic essentials for all profitable home based businesses. It is important you take action first by getting your business online. Hosting your product, drive traffic, make sales. Then work on creating a great looking site.

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